In 1866, our forefathers had a dream, a dream mounted with determination and tempered with faith in God.  A dream led with prayer, worship, and praise, that within a year a church would evolve, and it would be named Ebenezer Baptist Church.


 The church was completed May 28th, 1866 and spiritually led under the Christian leadership of its first pastor, Rev. Arthur Wright. Frank Harris was the clerk and Isaiah Corry and Ben F. Bridges were Ebenezer’s first deacons.


 As history recalls, Rev. O. Lindsay succeeded Rev. Wright, followed by Rev. Frank Dawkins, Rev. Arthur Gaston, Rev. William Maddox, Rev. McCree, and Rev. J.H. Holmes. George Littlejohn and Bloom Ellis were added deacons.


 As the church began to expand in size and membership, a tragic incident occurred in 1947. Ebenezer Baptist Church was completely destroyed by fire. However, through belief that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in believing that if God made a way for the first church; He will make a way for the second, the Ebenezer Baptist Church continued to have service in the Clary Line School.  The new sanctuary was completed September 3rd, 1948.


Rev. J.H. Holmes resigned as pastor in 1953 and was succeeded by Rev. K. J. Johnson, who continued delivering God’s message through Biblical teachings.  The clerk at this time was Mrs. Rosa L. Davis.  The deacons were Sam Littlejohn, Ben Dawkins, Isaac Corry, and Ben Fowler.  Services continued to be held bi-weekly, and then in 1973, Trustee Charles Allen Montgomery made a recommendation for worship service to be held every Sunday. The motion was received and adopted.


It was in 1975 when Dr. Eula Miller Jr. of Shelby, NC succeeded Rev. Johnson. Also in 1975, as a blessing from God, our present sanctuary began to be erected alongside the old structure, which was demolished after completion of the new church in 1976.  During this time, serving as deacons were George Smith-Chairman, William Foster-Asst. Chairman, Alonzo Williams, Eugene Williams, William Foster Jr., James Clyde Jones, Charles Montgomery, Crawley Montgomery, and Nathan Harper.  Trustees were Jim Peeler, Perry Davidson Jr., Rayford Peeler Jr., Tundra Mauney, and James Montgomery. James O. Dawkins held the office of clerk.


Under Dr. Miller’s leadership and God’s shepherding, the church mortgage was burned on June 23rd, 1985 and several edifications were completed to add to the beauty of the sanctuary.  A new fellowship hall was built and paid for, vans were purchased, and additional land was acquired.  Ebenezer Baptist Church became a part of 1180 WFGN radio station, with services playing each Sunday at 2:30 PM.  Many new organizations were formed, souls were saved, and we were especially blessed to have several anointed and appointed to the call of preaching God’s Word:  Dr. Van Williams, Dr. Tundra Mauney, Bishop Perry Davidson III, Rev. Freddy Davidson, Rev. Debra Jones-Williamson, Minister Doris Patterson, Minister Jefferson Buchanan, and Minister Thomas Burson. Seven new deacons were ordained under his calling:  Willie Camp, John F. White, Manning Sinkler, Stanley Williams (presently serving as Asst. Chairman), James Hoey, Duncan Davidson, and Rick Good (presently serving as Chairman).


After 30 years of service to the Master and to Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. Miller retired in 2005.  Assistant Minister, Rev. Freddy Davidson delivered the sermons and carried out services until he was elected Pastor on June 30th, 2006 and was officially installed on October 8th, 2006.


Through God’s service and Rev. Davidson’s preaching, Ebenezer has been blessed with many new converts, and its flock has grown tremendously through God’s grace and mercy. Rev. Davidson’s mission:  to be God’s vessel in bringing others closer to Christ.


From Pastor Davidson’s leadership, a praise team, a praise dance team, a youth advisory committee, and an education committee has been formed. A new church bus has been purchased and additional land has been purchased. Four deacons have been ordained under his calling:  Corry White, Nelson Davis, James E. Dawkins, and Allen Montgomery.  Support deacons include:   Anthony Johnson, Donald Logan, James Mickles, Edward Walls, and Bino Patterson.


Rev. Doris Patterson reunited with us and now serves as Ebenezer’s Assistant Pastor.  Associate ministers include Minister James Surratt and Minister Nettie McCluney.   The Trustee Ministry now includes:  Stanley Richardson-Chairman, Keith Dawkins, Courtenay Dawkins, Anthony Phillips, Reginal Herndon, Barry Gist, Brien Dawkins, Richard Corry, Lloyd Williams, Tony Wray, Christopher Little, Richard Littlejohn, and Terry Edwards.


In every era of time, men and women with a vision and the foresight into God’s Will have initiated changes that have produced growth in Christian endeavors.  It has been the prayers, worship, and praise of these men and women that has brought God’s Word alive and put plans into action.


Through the years, change has helped to bring about an era of organization that is structured to accommodate the broad scope of responsibility and avenues of service.  We are blessed to be better servers of God, to each other, and to our community.


It is God who we give all thanks to for the Ebenezer Baptist Church and for its blessed history; for it reminds us that no one man did this alone, but that it was God working through many who built and sustained Ebenezer. Our works and blessings are to the utmost because of our divine faith and unshakeable trust in God. It is to Him that we will always give the honor and glory, for through Christ all things are possible, and it is in Him that prayers are heard and answered.



"The mission of Ebenezer Baptist Church is to guide others to becoming fully committed to God’s Word, God’s Will, and God’s Way."

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